Banana Mango Green Smoothie

 This is not one of your usual green smoothies that don’t look very appetizing because of its dark green shade. This green smoothie not only tastes delicious, but the green color is so pretty you feel amazing drinking it as well.Green Juice

Green juices and smoothies are my go to after I feel like I need to get my diet back on track because I was indulging a little too much the day before. I hardly ever drink juice whether it is fruits or vegetables or a combo of both. It is like drinking a giant sugary vitamin that can provide you vitamins, but it also spikes your blood sugars because all of the fiber and protein has been taken out. This is why I grind my fruits and veggies together so I am also ingesting the fiber and protein. This can be done with any fruits or vegetables, there is no need to get out all of the juice and leave the good stuff behind.


Something I started adding to my green smoothies is IntraNaturals Super Greens powder. I have tried a few super green powders and they all end up ruining my smoothies because they make them taste like dirt, but not these. IntraNaturals Super Greens have a little bit of sweetness to them so they just add to the flavor of the smoothie. I found the product on Amazon.

I have many different green smoothies I make, but this one is extra delicious because of the mango. Read below on how to make one for yourself.


Half of a banana

1/3 cup of mango

3 stalks of celery

1 large handful of kale

Vanilla protein powder

One scoop of IntraNaturals Super Greens



Makes 1 serving

Put everything in a blender and blend it up! That’s it. This smoothie has 8 grams of fiber in it to keep that digestive system healthy : ).

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