About Me

10294495_10208023191765081_566305647785445412_nYour goal may be to lose 30 pounds, lower your blood sugar, run a mile, or just eat healthier. Everyone has his or her own definition of what it means to be fit and strong. I want to provide you with the right training and education for your goals so you can LivFit & Strong.

I have my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have worked as a nutrition educator and have created meal and exercise plans for people of all ages. I apply my knowledge daily to my life and to others around me who need help.

I have not always been healthy and I used to hate the gym. In high school I was unhealthy and this continued into my early twenties. Up until last year I thought I knew all about health and fitness, but I soon found out I was wrong and that I was making things way too difficult. I was miserable.

I went from being pudgy to being a twig with no strength. I had an unhealthy relationship with food to the point where I let the scale dictate what or how much food I would eat. If I did eat “bad foods” I would be mad at myself because I would binge on them. I was being too restrictive and was hungry all the time and this caused me to be in a bad mood constantly.

I realized that I was doing way too much cardio, not eating enough, focusing on the scale too much, and most importantly, I was not lifting heavy weights. I adopted a new eating style, stopped running endless miles and got into the weight room. I did a lot of trial and error trying to figure out what worked for me (and yes probably made a fool of myself in the weight room in the beginning) but now I eat twice as much, lift extremely heavy, am no longer afraid of certain foods or the scale, and I like what I see when I look in the mirror.

I thought skinny meant healthy and attractive and that is not always the case. Everyone has his or her own goals when it comes to being healthier and everyone will have a unique path to getting there like I did. My experience with health, wellness and fitness will help you in finding your path to achieve your goals. My company is LivFit & Strong because I believe everyone—no matter who you are or what kind of situation you are in in life—has the ability to live a fit and strong life.

Everyone wants to be happy with their bodies and their health. I have helped people not only achieve weight loss, but getting their blood sugar under control so they are no longer pre-diabetic. I believe you can be healthy and beautiful no matter what size you are because it comes down what you are physically doing for yourself and putting in your body. It is not about what people think you need to look like.

I will not be providing you with quick fixes, shakes, pills or anything along those lines because those things do not solve the problem. I will help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle to achieve your goals. This will be hard work but if you are ready you will be able to accomplish your goal and I will be supporting you during every step.